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Product Description

A Lantern Wall Lamp is a type of lighting fixture that combines the functionality of a wall-mounted lamp with the design aesthetics of a lantern. It typically features a metal or wrought iron frame with glass panels to create a lantern-like appearance.
The Antique Color Lantern Wall Lamp is designed to be mounted on a wall, providing both illumination and decorative ambiance to the surrounding space. It can be used indoors, depending on its specific design and construction. To access the light source inside, such as bulb just pull top of lamp and remove glass.
Antique Lantern Wall Lamps are popular choices for creating a rustic or vintage-inspired atmosphere in various settings, including entryways, hallways, living rooms, patios, or gardens. They can add a touch of elegance, charm, and a nostalgic feel to your space while providing functional lighting.
Once the Lantern Wall Lamp is connected to the AC power supply, you can typically turn it on and off using a wall switch.
The Lantern Wall Lamp is a lighting fixture that has a vintage aesthetic and giving an antique or rustic look. The vintage-inspired design of the Lantern Wall Lamp makes it a popular choice for those who appreciate a classic or retro style in their home decor.
The brass antique color of the frame adds a sense of elegance and versatility, allowing the lamp to blend well with various interior design styles. It can complement both modern and traditional settings, creating a visually appealing focal point or accentuating the overall ambiance of a room.Description:
Get scintillate lighting in your home by decorating it with this amazing metal and glass wall lantern lamp will impress anyone with its modern design and eye catching colour.

It is hand crafted by using high quality metal and glass material that are known for their durable and versatile traits.

Premium Quality Metal used with Glass which gives Attractive & Royal look to your Interior & Exterior.

Upgrade The Looks Of Your Living Room by Purchase Of This lantern Light from "GreyWings" A Leading Brand of Lamps & Lighting Products.

QUALITY :- High Quality metal used with glass which gives a premium look.

DESIGN :- Modern classic design, exquisite workmanship, perfect lighting, worth your purchase!

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Product Information


Eisa Group

Country of Origin



Brass Antique Color




Country Rustic

Light fixture form


Room Type

Kids Room, Nursery, Bathroom, Home Office, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room

Product Dimensions

30L x 20W x 16H Centimeters

Specific Uses For Product


Indoor/Outdoor Usage


Power Source


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